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SafeRx™ is a pharmacology Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS) software solution. It increases patient safety by alerting the physicians to potential errors and providing them with requested counseling information. It integrates with all computerized solutions for medicine prescription such as e-prescribing, EMR (Electronic Medical Record), PIS (Pharmacy Information system) and CPOE (Computerized Physician Order Entry). SafeRx system consists of the following elements:

·         Alerts - Alerts the user to various types of errors involved in the prescription of medications.
·         Counselor - on demand clinical advises related to drug therapy
·         CCMS - Brings in-house clinical content to the point of care
·         Tools - Provides tools for local adaptation, report generation, system configuration, etc.
·         Interface - Interfaces the prescription application and provides the information to the users via the prescription/EHR applications

Once requested by the prescription application, such as EMR, SafeRx performs immediate screening of prescription information and alerts the physician or pharmacist to potential problems, such as:  
·         Drug to drug contraindication related to other medications that the patient is using
·         Likely drug allergy and drug-disease contraindication
·         Erroneous dosages in accordance to patient specific information such as age, weight, indications, hepatic disorder and renal failure. A special module deals with neonates and premature babies.
·         Alerts related to special groups such as geriatric, pediatric, lactating mothers and pregnant women
·         Drug – laboratory and drug-food interaction
·         Duplicate therapy and others
These modular alerts are provided using existing workflow and with no change of the caregiver's existing procedures. SafeRx uses numerous clinical knowledge bases that are periodically updated. They include information related to all FDA and OTC approved drugs while information related to local non FDA drugs can be also added. Screening is normally performed when a new prescription is written or prior to dispensing. Additional, off-line, patient drug therapy status check is possible as well to run on pre-defined patient list.
Benefits of using SafeRx
Benefits for healthcare organizations:
·         Increases patient safety by reducing medication errors
·         Protects the goodwill of healthcare organizations and physicians
·         Simple, seamless and swift integration to existing EMR/CPOE/PIS/e-prescription solutions
·         Increases efficiency- reduces operational costs and efforts invested in law suits
·         No need to change the existing procedures. SafeRx mapping tools links your current formulary to ease integration

Benefits for EMR/CPOE/PIS/e-prescription vendors:

·         Differentiation - SafeRx differentiates your solution by the provision of a sophisticated clinical decision support system that is simple to integrate.
·         Simplicity 
·        Well defined and simple interface. No connection to any external source required.
·        Alerts and decision support within the physician workflow providing the real time clinical content as needed.
·        Automatic periodical clinical content updates.
·         Immediate and comprehensive solution – SafeRx enables drug patient safety and clinical decision support to your healthcare IT customers leveraging Clinicode's implementation experience.
·         Global implementation – The unique set of middleware software tools enables SafeRx to function in various healthcare organizations and countries having different alert policies, languages, drug catalogues, drug names and other clinical content. For more details on SafeRx tools see SafeRx brochure.
·         Retention – SafeRx solution increases your customer retention due to dependence on the clinical knowledge SafeRx provides through your solution.
·         Pay as your customer base grows – Payment is based on an annual license for actual customers.

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