SafeRx™ is Clinicode’s Clinical Decision Support System (CDSS). It increases patient safety by alerting physicians to potential drug related prescription errors. 

SafeRx software is integrated with EMR /EHR solutions, thus allowing physicians to view the alerts over their EMR/EHR application screens within the normal workflow.

SafeRx uses Clinicode’s own developed PharmaBase™ knowledge base as the basis for alert generation. PharmaBase is continuously updated by Clinicode’s professional teams.


SafeRx screens the electronic prescription for potential errors, such as:

  • Drug-to-drug interactions
  • Erroneous dosages
  • Dosage adjustment for patients with renal failure, taking into account patients’ lab results
  • Dosage adjustment for patients with hepatic disorder
  • Drug-allergy contraindications
  • Duplicate therapy
  • Drug-disease contraindications
  • Alerts indicating the need to monitor patient blood drug level, clinical parameters and laboratory parameters prior to or following drug administration
  • Alerts related to pregnant women
  • Alerts related to lactating mothers
  • Comprehensive, all drug error test

Handling the alert fatigue issue:

Alert fatigue occurs when systems generate prompts, alerts or alarms to which physicians no longer pay attention.

Providing relevant and concise alerts is one of Clinicode’s main tasks. The following measures were implemented to reach this target:

  • Patient-specific information is considered in order to select the best relevant alert.
  • SafeRx and PharmaBase emphasize common practice – not only information collected from research.
  • For modules having alert severity level the system enables to set, for each module, the alert severity level threshold to be presented.
  • A software tool was developed to mask specific alerts at the ward level. For example, a specific combination of two drugs may be widely used in a ward though the combination is known to have the potential for mild drug-to-drug interaction. The healthcare organization and its risk manager can control what alerts will be blocked.
  • Special attention was made to present very concise alerts.

SafeRx approach to EMR integration

The SafeRx™ system was developed using Microsoft.NET technology on MSSQL server and is delivered as a web service.

SafeRx tools:

  • Multilingual support tool
  • Support for local drug brand names
  • Alert dashboard presentation
  • Alert report generation
  • Alert minimal severity level to be presented for each module
  • Local alert masking – enables local adaptation of the presented alerts according to ward/hospital/HMO policy in order to minimize alert fatigue
  • Alerts configuration